Ground Anchors

Structural Systems for Ground Anchors have been practiced worldwide, Ground Anchors comprised of wires, strands or bars can be installed into rock/soil and secured by injecting with cement grout. Standard Structural Systems Ground Anchors can provide an ultimate load of between 350kN and 22500kN depending on the configuration.

Common Types

  • straight shaft gravity-grouted ground anchors (Type A);
  • straight shaft pressure-grouted ground anchors (Type B);
  • Post-grouted ground anchors (Type C).
  • Under-reamed anchor (Type D).

Applications of Structural Systems Ground Anchors include:

  • retaining structure tie backs
  • Resistance of uplift forces
  • Slope stabilization
  • Underground structures
  • Dam stabilization
  • Tension foundations
  • Soil nailing bar anchors